Commercial Creativity Album Index

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The Video Vault

Samples of some of my video productions

Listen and download lyrics to some of my musical compositions.Pages/Songbook.html
Identity Crisis Management
A collection of my corporate logo designs.Pages/LogoLand.html
Direct Mail Gallery
Some of my meaningful mailbox messagesPages/Direct_Mail_Collection.html

Gag Cartoon Collection

A sampling of some of my published and unpublished gag & editorial cartoons.

The Face Farm
Caricature art depicting the well-known and the obscure.Pages/Caricature_Gallery.html
The Paper Chase
Magazine ads and sales brochures plus other printed matter that matters.Pages/Printed_Matter_that_Matters.html
Slide Presentations That Click
PowerPoints and Keynotes that keep interest up when the lights go down.Pages/Slide_Presentations_that_Click.html
The Reading Room
A Library of my books; published, pending and possible.Pages/The_Library.html
Poster Children
Designs in a bigger dimension. What’s on your wall?Pages/Poster_Children.html
Products & Packaging Designs
New widget concepts plus old widgets in a new wrapper.Pages/Products_%26_Packaging.html
Video & Slideshow Stills
Screenshots from some of my video and slideshow presentations.Pages/Video_%26_Slideshow_Stills.html
Billboard Design Album
Award-winning road art that delivers your message at 70 mph.Pages/Billboard_Designs.html
The Clipping Collection
Some results of effective public media relations.Pages/Clippings.html
Peter’s Puzzle Pages
A collection of my photo puzzles. Try them on for fun..Pages/Peters_Puzzle_Pages.html
Webpage Design Album
Sites for sore eyes. Web design sampler.Pages/Webpage_Design.html
Political Campaign Collection
TV Spots, Yard Signs and the like designed to reach voters’ hearts and minds.Pages/Political_Campaigns.html
Disc Art Directory
A gallery of DVDs and CDs I have produced. Give ‘em a spin!Pages/Disk_Art.html
A collection of my photo puzzles. Try them on for fun..Pages/Peters_Puzzle_Pages.html