Video Vault

From a five-minute “Meet The Candidate” spot to a thirty-minute award-winning documentary, my video productions have been recognized as innovative and effective forms of visual communication for a variety of clients. These videos represent a sampling. Click on the arrow to start and pause each video. You should pause the first video before playing a second.


Scroll down to view more videos. Click on the arrow to play and pause each video.

“The Place I Call Home.” Promotional video for a social service for the elderly agency. 2006.

“Born With A Knife In The Heart” Music video produced by 9th Grade Sunday School students. 2007.

“Go Obama” Campaign video for Obama for President Campaign. 2008.

“The Man With The Golden Tune” Tribute Video for singer-songwriter Steve Goodman. 2006.

“Remembering Gisela Pt. I” Memorial video. 2007.

“Voices of the Holocaust” Yom HaShaoh Video. 2007.

“Facing The Music” Music video. 2007.

“A Century of Service Part I” JFGI 100th Anniversary documentary video. 2005.

“ A Day In The Life of Beth-El Zedeck.” Promotional documentary about synagogue life. 2008.

“One Life Pilates Pt. I” Promotional video for Pilates Studio. 2006.

“A Century of Service Part II” JFGI 100th Anniversary documentary video. 2005.

“The Ballad of Bernie” Original song and video about Madoff, the Master Swindler. 2009.

A song and video for the New Depression. Watch it here or go to YouTube to watch it in High Definition. 2009.

“Paul Felix for Circuit Court Judge.” 30 second political campaign spot. 2008.

Pt. I of a video travelogue of Temple Beth El’s 2010 “Mission of Jewish Tradition” to Israel featuring “Flyin’ to Zion,” a new song by PW. Visit YouTube to view the rest of this video.

Video Chanukah card from the Weisz family. 2009

A song and video produced for and shown at a State of Israel Bond luncheon in Indianapolis honoring former Exec. Director, Mike Blain on Nov. 15, 2009.

Crossing the Bridge • Our family’s Sister City Summer •  2013.