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Some songs offer links to lyric sheets and video versions. All of the lyrics and most of the melodies were composed by me.

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Performed by Tim Brickley

Does anyone today even remember Ozzie & Harriet? This was written the morning after watching “Casablanca” for the first time.

Beautiful Friendship

Performed by Tim Brickley

Composed 2 months after Steve Goodman died in 1984. 24 years later his loss still hurts.

The Man With The Golden Tune

No Audio. Click image to view lyrics only.

Melody by Steve Goodman.

A reaction to Hurricane Katrina and its wake in 2005. Record this if you like it.

The Pity of New Orleans

Performed by Tim Brickley

C&W Parodies were popular in the early 70s. This one seems to endure despite its self-conscious banality.

Trailer Court Queen

Performed by Tim Brickley

Music by Lyle Lovett

For years I had a tune with great lyrics and a dumb melody. In 1993 I heard a Lovett song that had the exact opposite. This is a combination of the two

If I Had A Boat

Performed by Tim Brickley

Just another road song circa 1973.

The Only Way

Performed by Tim Brickley

An open road rapid romance as imagined by a midwest Jewish kid after ingesting a large dose of Kerouac.

Rocking Horse Ride

Performed by IndyKlez and the Friday Night Live Singers under dir. of Cantor G. Sharon

Inspired by a sermon delivered by Rabbi Sandy Sasso in 2006 about the root causes of intolerance and the Israeli vs. Hezbollah conflict.  The song was made into a student produced film by Peter’s 9th Grade Sunday School Class.

Born With A Knife In The Heart

Download Words & MusicSongbook_files/Lead%20Sheet%20-%20Knife%20In%20The%20Heart.doc

Performed by Tim Brickley

Composed for the 20th anniversary of a 22 year marriage.

Golden Gate Girl

Performed by Tim Brickley

Penned back when words like Serendipity and Eclectic had not yet been overused and folks appreciated a cleverly worded lyric. HEY, YOU KIDS! Get off my lawn!

Snowflake in the Sun

Performed by Peter Weisz

Another Sarah & Sandy wedding song parody performed at their wedding in 2006. Music by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. Y’all come back, y’hear?

The Ballad of Sarah & Sandy

Performed by Peter Weisz

Composed for the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Music by Julio Iglesias.

Go Obama Go!

Performed by Peter Weisz

Song parody performed at my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. Music by Harold Arlen. May their troubles melt like lemon drops.

A Father’s Plea

Performed by Peter Weisz

Dedicated to author Clay Eals whose 2007 landmark biography book of the same name sparked a new wave of interest in the life and work of singer-songwriter Steve Goodman.  This is a Redbonesque Cab Calloway rendition. Other versions invited.

Facing the Music

Performed by TIm Brickley

We found ourselves on the hypotenuse of the Golden Triangle just as the Vietnam War was winding down. Weird time and place.

Laotian Blues

Performed by Peter Weisz

Written for a 2002 reunion performance of my college cover band, The Foster Children. Known as “The Second Childhood Tour,” it included just a single magical venue.

Remember the Magic

Performed by Peter Weisz.

Melody by Steve Goodman & Shel Silverstein

Great song that needed a second verse, so I added one.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Performed by Peter Weisz

Melody & concept by Shel Silverstein

A great novelty song that I thought could do with a lyric upgrade.

I’m A Three Legged Man

No Audio. Click image to download lyrics only.

Music by Sholom Secunda.

A parody of “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen,” about a frustrated Hebrew Academy graduate who is being hounded by fund-raisers. Record this if you like it.

My Dear Mr. Shane

Download Wedding Song LyricsSongbook_files/Wedding%20Song%20Lyrics.doc
Download LyricsSongbook_files/What%20Have%20You%20Done%20For%20Me%20Lately.doc
Download LyricsSongbook_files/Three-legged%20Man%20Lyrics.doc
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Watch the Video
Watch the Video
Watch the Video
Words & Music by Peter Weisz
A rockabilly tribute to my friend and Israel Bond hawker, Mike Blain presented at Nov. 2009 Israel Bond Tribute Dinner.Songbook_files/The%20Blobstein%20Blues.doc

The New Blobstein Blues

Download LyricsSongbook_files/The%20New%20Blobstein%20Blues.doc
Download LyricsSongbook_files/Ballad%20of%20911.docx

The Ballad of 911

Performed by Peter Weisz
This song is the result of watching O Brother, Where Art Thou? on Sept. 10, 2001. Written only two week later.Songbook_files/Ballad%20of%20911-2.m4a

The Ballad of Bernie

Performed by Peter Weisz
A ditty about Hurricane Bernie that has devastated the philanthropic community of Palm Beach and beyond. 2009.Songbook_files/Ballad%20of%20Bernie%2001.aiff
Watch VideoSongbook_files/The%20Blobstein%20Blues_2.doc
Watch Video

The Ballad of Oh Boy 2010   

New Lyrics by Peter Weisz

Lyrics only. No audio. Click image to go to lyric page. This is an update of the old Allan Sherman song parody from the 1960’s.